Aging happens to all of us, yet we don’t all age in the same way. While some people are genetically blessed and seem to age very slowly, or at least very gracefully, some people are just suffering from ageing-related diseases. Fortunately, there are certain lifestyle choices we can make that have been proven to slow the ageing process, protect against diseases, and extend our lifespan.

Researchers have a precise measurement of aging at a cellular level: telomeres. These protective caps cover the chromosomes housing our DNA appears. These can either shorten as we age, and the body is exposed to stress or can lengthen relative to the age when we make positive changes. These positive changes at a cellular level occur gradually over time and regardless of age. As ageing is a gradual process, the small, consistent positive lifestyle changes can significantly improve our lifespan, ageing process, and long-term quality of life.

As it turns out, the best anti-ageing lifestyle practices cost us little more than our own effort. These three pillars are so important as the fundamentals of an anti-ageing lifestyle:

1.    Managing Stress:

Stress and the state of a person’s mind have been identified to have far-reaching health effects, especially towards significantly decrease life expectancy. Mostly, the way we respond internally to live affects how long we have to enjoy it. There are ways to reduce and manage stress such as mindful meditation, yoga practice, exercise, social, drawing, writing the journal, or even seek advice from the experts.

2.    Increase Movement:

The decrease in skeletal muscle over time as we age affects every aspect of life. Exercise and movement are fundamental to longevity. As we age, to live a long and healthy life, we need to focus on several things. These include maintaining muscle mass, increasing the flexibility of joints and muscles, as well as strengthening the cardio rhythm of yourself. However, the activities and style of movement should be personalized to suit your health conditions. Consult your doctor or our health experts for your best solutions.

3.    Balance Nutrition:

How and what we eat have a fantastic effect on our own process of ageing. Our DNA, telomeres, and the rest of the body respond positively to a nutrient-rich diet. The dietary should contain a high-level of micronutrients, minerals, antioxidants, quality proteins, and healthy fats.  We have to remember that everything we eat nourishes our cells, DNA and it guides our destiny, in terms of our health. Give yourself a little love by being mindful of your food and drinks you take every day. Sip plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated, eat a good portion of complex carbohydrate, lean protein, colourful vegetables and fruits as well as and healthy fats.

Quick tips:

  • When you wake up, sit up and sit still for a few minutes with eyes closed. Take a deep breath in and slowly release the air from your lungs while consciously letting go of thoughts with eating out-breath.
  • Move, dance, walk, run, stretch, or climb stairs every day. Feel alive in your body.
  • Eat more plants, nuts, seeds, ocean-caught fish, and berries. Find a new recipe and explore!