About Amatara

Welcome to Amatara Welleisure Resort

Amatara is a family owned resort who have been welcoming guests for nearly 20 years. From the moment you walk through our front doors we want you to feel at home and let us take care of you. Wellness is at our core, however we understand that life is to be lived, and part of being on holiday is having a wine at night or a cocktail by the pool. All of our wellness programs are expertly curated, with a great emphasis on being realistic, not idealistic. We cater to the leisure guest who wants to integrate wellness into their stay, hence our concept of Welleisure. We put the pleasure into living well.

About Amatara

Leading luxury wellness destination.
The place to cultivate sustainable wellbeing.

Rebalance. Recharge. Reconnect. Renew.

You know you need to improve your wellbeing, but you also need a holiday. Why not do both? Whether on your own, with a friend, with the family or as a single parent… AMATARA Welleisure ensures you can do both.

Not everyone wants to spend their limited annual leave at a destination wellness retreat, however they do have a desire to get healthier while on holidays. If you want guidance, yet freedom, Amatara is  the perfect solution for you.

About Amatara - Rebalance. Recharge. Reconnect. Renew
About Amatara - Timeless

Timeless Wisdom for Modern Living

We take the Wisdom from Eastern medicine and blend it with modern science. Using our many ancient healing treatments, we hand pick what is most suitable for you and your lifestyle. Our goal is to help you improve your wellbeing, yet still enjoy your life. To make small yet sustainable changes that have a big impact on your wellbeing. Nothing feels better than feeling happy and well. We will show  you how to be 100% healthy 80% of the time! Life is to be enjoyed, and the best way to enjoy life is by feeling great and many moments of joy! 


Indulge in Luxury & Rebalance Your Life at Amara

Who knew the path to wellness could be easily doable when it is made easy to do?