Special Retreats

Join a selection of special group retreats, meet like-minded people and make new friends at Amatara. 

Check out upcoming retreats from experts around the world below.


At Amatara Wellness Resort, we ensure that you will have a spacious and comfortable room filled with fully-equipped amenities for your utmost relaxation. All rooms feature its own private balcony with sea views.

Please visit each retreat page to see a list of accommodation & pricing available. 


The benefit of joining a group retreat at Amatara Wellness Resort is that we have plenty of wellness activities and facilities for you to enjoy during their free time. You can add the relaxing treatment as a little perk for yourself with the special discount rate benefits and pre-booked schedule to match with your plan.


If you are an organiser and looking for the perfect venue to host your own health & wellbeing retreat, visit our ‘Organise Retreat’ link below to learn more about the details or please feel free to contact us for more information.