Wellness Treatments & Activities

Wide Range of Treatments &
Activities to Enhance Your Health and Wellbeing

Being one of the leading luxury wellness resorts in Thailand, we are dedicated to offering treatments and activities that genuinely enhance your body, mind and spirit, all that allow you to leave inspired to continue the healthy living journey at home.

Amatara Welleisure Resort continues to maintain precautionary and sanitisation standards across the entire property inline with standards provided by both local health authorities and government requirements.


Our holistic physiotherapy offering at Amatara focuses on finding the root cause of physical signs and symptoms. Our professional physiotherapist utilizes a variety of manual and assisted techniques to support the healing and balance of the musculoskeletal system.

Every guest in the hotel is entitled to a complimentary physical analysis by our licensed physiotherapist. This session helps to determine exercise suitability and to raise any potential red flags for injury or discomfort due to poor posture or alignment. A proper physical analysis shows how you use your musculoskeletal system and how any postural imbalances may contribute to pain or injury, or result in symptoms during exercise. It’s an excellent session for anyone starting a new workout, or who wants to learn more about their body, as it relates to wellbeing during exercise and daily movement.


Our Holistic treatments have been carefully selected based on their benefits and lineage of traditional wisdom. Holistic medicine aims to stimulate the innate, natural healing forces within the body, clearing any physical or energetic obstructions that may prevent healing and balance.

The holistic treatments provide a broader perspective of wellness healing and these help for detox, weight loss, stress management, depression treatment, combat insomnia, or rebalancing energy.  


Embracing the personalised physical movement as an essential part of a wellness lifestyle, where we can live a long, active life, truly living in the body, and reaching our potential in every way.

We have a dedicated team of professional fitness trainers ready to support you in the gym, for private sessions and fun group classes. We offer expert instruction in Muay Thai, Pilates, traditional yoga, Tai Chi, personal training, water exercise, and beach sports. Our comprehensive daily fitness classes are a fantastic way to boost your energy and vitality during your stay.


  • 9 choices of Essential of Amatara Massage Therapy
  • 12 choices of Active Life Private Sessions
  • 7 choices of Classic Holistic Treatments
  • 5 choices of Deluxe Holistic Treatments
  • 5 choices of Ayurvedic Massage Therapy
  • 3 choices of Premium Spa Treatments
  • 3 choices of Amatara Facial Treatment
  • 2 Thai Hammam journey (105 minutes)
  • 1 Green Living Workshops class (75 minutes)
  • Take Home guide for Physical Enhancement
  • Unlimited access to wellness movement class
  • Daily infrared sauna or steam


Amatara’s first Thai Hammam is the ‘gentle’ version of the traditional Hammam. We use a selection of high-quality Thai natural products, herbs and aromas, and the Thai spa treatments combined with a traditional Middle Eastern Hammam.

Our Thai Hammam treatment involves a series of stages for cleansing, rejuvenating, and relaxation. The process also consists of an alternation of cold and warm temperatures with water, steam, heated stone beds, ice application, and sauna.

Sauna and steam are the method of hydrotherapy and help with raising body temperature. These techniques traditionally recognized as stimulating detoxification. In this instance, elimination of toxins occurs through activating the lymphatic system and via the largest organ of the body, the skin, by promoting sweating. The addition of body exfoliation increases blood circulation to the skin’s surface, further aiding elimination.