What is Welleisure?

WELLEISURE™ combines wellness with pleasure to show you how easy it is to truly change when change is made enjoyable.

We developed the WELLEISURE™ concept due to the demand of guests wanting to improve their wellbeing while on holiday. They knew they needed or wanted to improve their health, yet they also want to enjoy their holiday. 

We know not everyone wants to spend their limited annual leave at a destination wellness retreat, however they do have a desire to get healthier while on a holiday. They want some guidance, yet the freedom to enjoy the usual activities that are synonymous with a holiday – sleep ins, exploring and maybe a cocktail by the pool or a dessert with dinner. 

We thought why not do both? Whether you’re travelling alone, with a friend, the family, as a single parent or as a company wanting to improve workplace wellness … we saw an opportunity to combine a great holiday experience, while also improving our guest’s wellbeing. 

And so the Amatara WELLEISURE™ concept was born. It is our unique offering that ensures our guests can do both. We believe wellness should be accessible and seamless to your lifestyle. Likewise with your holiday. Enjoy getting healthier, while still exploring and experiencing the island of Phuket and all of its wonders.  

The extent our guest wishes to embark on their wellness journey is up to them. 

We have a comprehensive, experienced Wellness Team led by Dr Harshana, who can tailor a bespoke Wellness program based on desired needs. Or our guests can have a softer immersion allowing more leisure time and the ability to pick and choose the activities and treatments they wish to enjoy.

No longer is it one or the other. Either or. It’s both. Wellness and Leisure. Or as we say… WELLEISURE™!

Learn more about our Signature Welleisure Retreat here.