Losing weight is my New Year resolution, I will live my life to the fullest, I will quit smoking, I will read more, travel more, get organized, practice wellness in this upcoming year.

Are these New Year resolutions look familiar to you? 

Millions of people make New Year resolutions every year, hoping to spark positive changes. But we all have experienced that our aims often fail without realistic and systematic plans. 

A new year day just begins, and it’s still not too late to start thinking about how to make our lives better in 2022. For healthier and happier living, we came up with a few steps for you to pursue in 2022 to maximize the success of your New Year resolutions. 

1- Will is the Key – you might have heard these lines “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Willpower is a force behind all successful people; before making a New Year resolution, focus on determination, drive, resolve, self-discipline and self-control.

2- Achievable Goals – Do not make imaginary or unachievable goals. Choose a goal within the realm of possibility. Start with smaller goals, and with consistency, make them big. 

3- Perseverance – One of the most common causes of failure is quitting too soon, and most of us have made this mistake occasionally, and maybe even on several occasions. To achieve your dreams and goals, you must learn to persevere through hardships and setbacks.  

4- Write them down – whatever your goal is, write them, and day in day out, read them because written goals can act as a filter and guide for what opportunities to pursue, and it helps you clarify what you want to achieve.  

5- Stay Positive – Positive thinking evokes more energy, initiatives, and happiness. Remember, throughout your New Year resolution journey, negative thoughts and doubts can affect your goals. Replace them with positive reviews and a positive attitude and stay on track and keep going.  

Life is uncertain and full of surprises. To reach your goals, you might need to be a little flexible and willing to bend. Be open to change and adapt to the unknown. 

“We wish you a thrilled New Year 2022, May this year brings all the happiness and love to you.” 

Jitendra Pokhriyal

Wellness consultant